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Sex Offenses

Assault, Battery & Other Relate Offenses
(Domestic Battery, Home Invasion, Armed Violence)

Theft and Fraud Related Offenses
(Retail Theft, Identity Theft, Forgery & State Benefits Fraud)

Robbery and Related Offenses

Burglary, Arson & Other Offenses against Property
(Residential Burglary, Trespass, Damage to Property)

Offenses affecting Governmental Functions
(Resisting a Peace Officer, Obstructing Justice)

Offenses affecting Public Health, Safety, Decency
(Weapons Cases, Armed Habitual Criminal, Mob Action, Disorderly Conduct)

Drug Control Laws

Felony Driving Under the Influence

Driving on a suspending License in Illinois

Affirmative Defenses – Offense of Person or Property

Defenses: Lack of Criminal Responsibility Due to Insanity, Intoxication and Infancy

Defenses: Mistake, Compulsion, Necessity, Entrapment, Public Authority; and other Justification or Excuses